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Pine Bark

Our 12-20mm Pine Bark is a long-lasting premium Mulch which suits open spaces and garden beds where aesthetics is of high importance.
Also available is our Pine Bark 6-10mm, Residential Landscapers rate this mulch highly, aiding moisture retention whilst holding its colour longer.
Ideal for Residential Garden Beds and Apartment Complex Planter Boxes.

Bark Blend

‘Best-of-both-worlds’ approach of Pine Bark’s durability blended with the long-lasting, dyed Forest Brown recycled timber mulch, giving great cost-saving benefits without compromising on appearance.

Phone us on 1300 78 22 66 or contact us, we’ll come back to you with pricing or quotes.

Pine Chips

Great for Garden Beds and larger open spaces, this rectangular-shaped chip has a lighter, yellow-creamy appearance, giving a great contrast and adding to the appearance of your next landscaping project.

Call our experts on 1300 78 22 66 or contact us, let us help you with your next project.

Bush Mulch

A great choice for the budget-conscious, this natural mulch is comprised of aged branch and leaf matter, perfect for native gardens due to its ability to easily blend in with the environment and surrounds, whilst providing the added benefits of weed control and moisture retention.

1300 78 22 66 is our phone #, or contact us for help with any of your mulch requirements.

Soft Fall

The preferred product of our Local Government & School clients, our Soft Fall is quality controlled, made up of clean fresh virgin pine, is safe to handle and provides the ideal impact-absorbing Playground undersurface.
All AS/NZS4422 Standards and Education Department guidelines are covered.
Our experienced customer service department can answer all your questions on 1300 78 22 66 or contact us with any of your queries.

20mm Recycled Timber

Highly sought after for larger Landscaping Projects, this recycled timber will last years, resisting wind and foot tracking.

Call 1300 78 22 66 or contact us to enquire about this durable mulch.

12mm Recycled Timber

If it’s a more refined mulch you’re after for your next Landscape Project, whether large scale or domestic, this recycled timber product is hard to go past, greying down in time to achieve a great blend with natural environments.

Call 1300 78 22 66 or contact us here for pricing.

WeBlow Blend

This appealing-to-the-eye, cost-effective mulch is a blend of Bush Mulch and Recycled Timber, giving you longevity and moisture retention with a natural look.

Call us on 1300 78 22 66 to chat to our team about its other benefits or contact us for a quote.

Coloured Mulches

Modern Garden projects are ideal for Coloured Mulch installations, enhancing the visual effects of a landscape by highlighting & contrasting the colours in plants.

Multiple colours and grades are available (red, brown, black), call our experienced team on 1300 78 22 66 or contact us, we can help guide you through the options available.

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